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April 29, 2015

By Lynette Carrington

Rein & Grossoehme has specialized in commercial real estate for 24 years. Handling a variety of commercial real estate duties, the company offers services that include retail leasing and sales, consulting services, office leasing and sales, and handles such projects as self storage and multi-family developments. The company is routinely recognized as an industry leader.

Jake Ertle is the vice president and a power broker with Rein and Grossoehme.

“My family has been involved in business for 45 years as developers and brokers primarily on the West Coast, so I kind of grew up in it,” Ertle explained.

Currently, Ertle handles about 21 different Arizona properties. “My business is primarily retail leasing and when I’m looking for leasing assignments I’m looking for landlords that own multiple properties that are in strong trade areas,” he said. “Examples of those would be Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Tempe, Arcadia, Camelback corridor or where there is leasing potential based on an underserved market or something that a previous agent hasn’t done.”

He works throughout Arizona, as well as Oregon with properties the company owns and develops—primarily retail shopping centers. In the Valley, there are a few areas that Ertle calls out as desirable spaces.

“I love the Scottsdale Road corridor from Camelback north to the 101…it’s a great trade area,” he said. “I have a couple of listings in the corridor—including Zocallo Plaza and the new District at the Airpark—that I spend a lot of time on. There’s a lot of demand for product in that trade area right now.”

Procuring specific types of businesses to go into Rein & Grossoehme properties is a team effort.

“It’s a collaboration between my input based on what I’m seeing in the market and what the landlord’s desire for the type of tenants and the time to lease is,” explained Ertle. “The majority of my clients are looking to build value in their shopping center and their long-term holders, so they’re looking for quality tenants that are conducive to other tenants in those buildings as opposed to just filling it with whomever.”

Rein & Grossoehme has a variety of clients including some of the biggest names in a number of retail and service industries. Major clients include Reliance Management, LNR Partners, Enright, Seldin Real Estate, Freidman Real Estate, Victoria Properties Management and others.

“Personally, I buy vacant, single-tenant buildings in and around Arizona and Oregon, primarily looking for hard corner, free-standing buildings or restaurant drive-thrus. With those two types of buildings, there is a large tenant pool out there to draw from and they’ll usually pay a premium in rent,” Ertle said.

Rein & Grossoehme raises the bar in commercial real estate brokerage.

“For the third year in the row, we’ve been nominated as a CoStar Power Broker,” Ertle said. “CoStar recognizes the top leasing firms and sales firms in Phoenix. For us, as a group of 12 folks, to be able to compete with a larger regional or national firm says a lot about our people. Additionally, myself and one other broker here in the office are recognized individually by CoStar as being one of the top 10 agents for the Phoenix area.

“The ability with a smaller group to react quickly to market conditions and be able to tailor our marketing to clients’ needs and not be constrained by national corporate guidelines is a huge benefit to our clients,” Ertle continued. “We’re incentivized to work on all sorts of deals that are client focused and results driven.”

Rein & Grossoehme is located at 8767 E. Via de Ventura, Suite 290. Visit www.rgcre.com or call (480) 214-9419 for additional information.

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